Tracking the UK rail network.
Today's PPM* is 85.1% (206 trains seen on network, 148 have completed their journey, 126 of which on time, with 7 cancellations)
Service Outage 14th/15th May 2014: Due to an outage on the feeds provided by Network Rail, we are unable to provide information on these days. We are working with Network Rail and it's suppliers to return service as quickly as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Welcome to the new look Raildar!

Over the Christmas period I did quite a bit of work to re-brand the site and add quite a bit of new functionality. The site now stores historic information about train journeys, and I am in the process of adding all sorts of statistics and graphs. The data is collected and processed into that statistics you see, hence they may differ from the statistics produced by Network Rail, but I am striving to make them as accurate as possible, and this will improve over time.

The old functionality of the live departure boards and the original Rail Radar are obviously still here, but I have tidied them up a bit, and removed some of the nonsensical data.

This page can be customised to how you wish it to look and what information you want to see. You can remove windows and add them with the controls above. You can even remove this Welcome text! Look around, and let me know what you think through Facebook.

Public Performance Measure*

PPM data is currently not available. Raildar hopes to return this functionality in the near future

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